We have visited many collision repair shops across the country in order to learn how they may operate better than we do.  We have taken bits and pieces along with our own training and implemented systems and processes unique for our industry and our facility that allow us to provide the best and fastest collision repair service possible.

Our newly remodeled facility was updated in 2012 and created with “drive thru repair lanes”℠  that enables us to do what we say we will do….BETTER, FASTER!

In Addition, we use a Blackjack Frame alignment machine in conjunction with a shark Millennium computerized sonar measurement system.  This combination enables us to restore your vehicle back to factory specifications.  This also allows us to print before & after analysis reports.

Paint shop

Truth is, ALL collision repair shops provide new shiny paint; however, there are many levels of paint quality.  We use the BEST…period.   Our paints are expensive just like the cars we choose to drive; however, we are able to offer a limited lifetime warranty on that service.  In addition, we employ techniques, not used by competitors, to ensure a paint match every time.