Repair Process


Estimates and Repair Process

We provide free verbal estimates, however, in order to eliminate waste from repair processes, minimize vehicle down time and duplication of labor, we will schedule you for a complete damage analysis.

Repair Contract

Once you are ready to begin the process, we will have you sign our Repair Contract.  Our contract outlines what you should expect from us, and in return, what we expect from you for providing collision repair services.  Once received, we will schedule your vehicle for a complete Damage Analysis.

Damage Analysis/Repair Planning

We will blueprint, photograph and disassemble your vehicle with attention to detail to find ALL damages related to the incident.  Once completed, we will study OEM RECOMMENDED REPAIR PROCEDURES to determine the best repair methodology to restore your vehicle to as near a pre loss condition as humanly possible.  During this process, you will receive text and/ or email photo updates if you agree to them. 

Repair Cost

Once we have completed a DAMAGE ANALYSIS and preliminary safety inspections as required by the manufacturer…we will determine the repair cost and contact you to discuss the damages, repair methodology and repair cost in detail.  We can answer any questions that you may have at that time.

Insurance Involvement

We are not licensed attorneys and cannot “negotiate” your claim.  We will provide you with straightforward honest information as best as possible. 

On Time Repairs

We absolutely realize that customers expect their cars on time and we will do our very best to do so; however, some post repair inspections reveal unseen items or concerns that must be inspected prior to releasing your vehicle. Your SAFETY is our number ONE concern! We will absolutely notify you if delays occur! 

*You may also check the progress of your vehicle on-line at by using the code provided or you may recieve text or email updates from us regularly.