Estimates are only used as a general guideline to start the repair process.  In an effort to be more productive and eliminate waste from our systems, we prepare estimates based on visible damages only.  We do not assume the possibility of hidden damages.  We can provide a much more accurate diagnosis of damages if you allow us to disassemble your vehicle to prepare an estimate for you.


Starting the repairs

Once you choose us to make repairs to your vehicle, we will ask you to sign our Repair Contract.  Our contract outlines what you should expect from us,  and in return, what we expect from you for providing collision repair services.  Once received, we will schedule your repairs and generally order any necessary parts prior to your vehicles arrival.


During the repairs

Generally on the first day that you drop off your scheduled vehicle, we will complete a thorough disassembly, damage analysis and blueprint repairs to your vehicle and update you if there are any changes, additional damages, or additional cost expected to completely and safely repair your vehicle.  At this time, we will ask you to make an election on how you want us to repair your vehicle (Repair Plan Options)SM.

Once you make your choice, we will begin repairs to your vehicle in the manner that you have chosen.  We will be happy to discuss individual options with you.

*You may also check the progress of your vehicle on-line at by using the code provided or you may recieve text or email updates from us regularly.


Completion of repairs

Once repairs are completed,  we will produce an itemized final repair invoice outlining all of the repairs that we made to your vehicle and then notify you that it is ready for pickup.   You can also expect to be notified if we experience any delays completing your repairs.