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No collision services is complete without a professional paint job. Autosport Bodyworks is an I-CAR Certified collision repair facility and has a team of trained auto painting technicians. We can even help with boats, RVs, and fleet vehicles! Our skilled team has the training and tools to seamlessly blend repairs with special paint mixing and spray techniques. Whether your car’s original paint was black, white, silver, matte, or glossy, our team of experts can make it look as good as it did before the damage with a high-quality paint job. If you have questions about your accident or collision repair, please contact our team for more information. We’re here to make the repair process, from the estimate to final paint coat, as easy as possible for you!

The Importance of Professional Paint Work

Car paint differs from the paint you would use on the walls of your house or the paint you use to create a picture on a canvas. Many factors make car paint different from other types: it’s formulated to glide over your car’s metal body and last through prolonged sunlight exposure. Its color takes longer to fade than regular paint, and vehicle paint comes in different finishes: car paint can have a solid finish (this is typically how it comes from the manufacturer), a metallic finish for an extra shiny look, or a pearlescent finish for a complex, iridescent look. Although you can touch up your car’s paint yourself, it can require tools and experience you just may not have, plus it can be expensive. After you’ve gone through all that, you may find it would’ve been worthwhile to leave the paint job to the professionals, as a DIY paint job just won’t be up to a manufacturer’s standard to protect your vehicle’s value. You should choose professionals who understand the ins and outs of paintwork and can get the job done well to maintain your car’s value after an accident.

Opelika and Auburn’s Car Painting Specialists

At Autosport Bodyworks, we go out of our way to do an amazing job at restoring your car’s paint back to its original look after an accident as part of our comprehensive collision services. No matter which make or model you drive or what its exterior has been through, we’re the experts at making your paint look as good as new. Trust an auto body shop that cares about quality and has over 40 years of experience! Call our collision repair shop at (334) 745-2166 for all your collision repair needs. We’re conveniently located at 3601 Pepperell Pkwy Opelika, AL 36801, and our I-CAR certified technicians are ready to restore your vehicle to its original condition so you can get back on the road and back to your routine. We go out of our way to make auto body repair as painless and affordable as possible, plus we always offer honest pricing.