Auto Frame Repair

Auto Frame Repair in Opelika/Auburn, AL

Local Automotive Frame Straightening

Signs of a Bent Frame

Even a minor accident is enough to damage your car’s frame. If your frame is bent, you may be able to see parts of the frame underneath your car, between the body panels. You may also notice your car pulling to one side or the other if your frame is bent because your wheels will be pointing in different directions. Frame damage can also cause your car’s doors to stick, not close completely, or be harder to open. When your frame is damaged, you may also hear odd noises from your car, like creaking and squealing. Of course, all of these issues can also point to other problems with the car. No matter what’s causing these problems, it’s worth bringing your car into a trustworthy auto body shop to be evaluated and repaired. That’s where Autosport Bodyworks comes into the picture.

Your Auto Repair Experts

Autosport Bodyworks has been the repair shop of choice for the citizens of Opelika, AL, and the surrounding area since we opened our doors in 1979. Our team of I-CAR certified professionals uses cutting-edge equipment and OEM parts to complete any and all auto repairs. We specialize in collision repair for all vehicle makes and models, as well as RVs and boats. Our shop is clean, organized, and extremely efficient. Our unique system for completing repairs allows us to get cars back to their owners in record time, plus we offer a lifetime warranty for the repairs we complete! We’re the only non-DRP shop in the area, which allows us the freedom to complete quality repairs with quality parts, and we’re committed to keeping our customers educated. Ask us before, during, or after your car’s repair service, and we’ll gladly tell you what’s happening. Our prices are always transparent and honest.

Quality Auto Frame Repair in Opelika and Auburn

If you’ve gotten your wheels aligned, but your car still can’t drive straight, you may need to get automotive frame straightening done. Whether you’ve gotten into an accident or your car needs auto frame repair for any other reason, leave it up to the experts. Our team of I-CAR certified professional mechanics will fix your car’s frame, straightening it out so that it can drive straight, just like before. It’s an issue of reliable driving: having control over your car’s functions is important for your safety on the road, so don’t wait too long. Make an appointment to bring your car in to see us by giving us a call at (334) 745-2166. The whole team will be waiting for you at our auto body repair shop located at 3601 Pepperell Pkwy Opelika, AL 36801. We get our repairs done accurately, and within the time you need them. We also send updates via text or email while we’re performing our services so that you’ll always know what’s going on with your car while it’s in our shop.