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Suspension Repair in Opelika/Auburn, AL

Post-Accident Suspension Repair For All Makes

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Your vehicle’s suspension may be one of many affected vehicle systems during an accident. If so, you need a repair provider you can trust to work on every inch of your vehicle and restore it to pre-accident condition. Getting back behind the wheel of the vehicle for the first time after repairs should feel like the car is as good as new, and for the suspension system, that means no odd drifting or bumping. As an I-CAR Certified Collision Repair Facility, Autosport Bodyworks in Opelika/Auburn, Alabama, possesses the tools and knowledge required to assess suspension systems in the context of our collision services. For comprehensive collision repairs, contact our team! We look forward to assisting you.

Why Would My Car Need Suspension Repair?

Suspension repairs for a vehicle that has been in an accident are a critical aspect of restoring both safety and performance. After a collision, it’s common for a vehicle’s suspension system to sustain damage, leading to compromised handling and potential safety hazards. A comprehensive suspension repair typically involves a thorough inspection to identify damaged components, including struts, shock absorbers, control arms, and more. These parts may need to be replaced or realigned to ensure proper functionality and structural integrity. Additionally, wheel alignment and tire balance may be necessary to prevent uneven tire wear and maintain optimal handling. Professional suspension repair not only enhances the overall ride quality but also plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of both the vehicle’s occupants and other road users. Trusting experts to address suspension issues post-accident is vital for a smooth and secure driving experience.

Why Choose Autosport Bodyworks?

The team at Autosport Bodyworks is fully equipped and ready to handle any repair needed after an accident for all vehicle makes and models, including suspension repairs. Let us put over 40 years of experience in auto collision repair to work for you! To make an appointment for suspension repair, call us at (334) 745-2166. We’re the only non DRP collision repair center in the Opelika, AL area, and we’ll use OEM parts to restore your car back to its original manufacturer quality. Our team of I-CAR certified experts will be waiting at 3601 Pepperell Pkwy Opelika, AL 36801 from on weekdays. While we’re repairing your vehicle, we’ll send you updates via email or text, and we’ll also be available to answer any questions you have about the repair process or pricing. Transparency is our key to success!